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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Every vision begins with an idea

InnovaCreate is building an innovation culture with action. We believe every vision begins with a simple idea. The entrepreneurial mindset transforms an idea to a vision using leadership, creativity and deep knowledge. This is what happens with CRANEeH.

Early in 2018, the idea for CRANEeH was born through the Idea Boost Program of InnovaCreate. The Ideas Boost Program is an initiative which promotes ideas creation and discussions by each employee during Brainstorming Sticky Note session or idea meeting discussion. CRANEeH started as an integration of healthcare system for private physician office. It was intended to connect the pharmacy, the private physician office, and other healthcare services with one patient at a time. It was looking to develop a customer-centric healthcare service to facilitate physician diagnosis, and patient treatment. It gives the opportunity to a healthcare provider taking decisions based in on-hand information of the medication, current treatments and clinical results. This type of system is available on hospitals, but the private office of a physician depends on the information provided by the patient and if they recall it correctly.

The Idea Boost Program initiative helps InnovaCreate staff screening and prioritizing ideas with potential of commercialization. During that time, InnovaCreate team was able to verify the market size, describe the customer segment, identify a high-level strategy for design and implementation and start searching for capital access for CRANEeH development and implementation. The idea passes through PRE18 screening until the 2nd stage of PRE18 evaluation. PRE18 staff referred it into ICORPS Puerto Rico program – an intensive Customer Discovery program provided by a nonprofit organization for global entrepreneurs and ventures in Puerto Rico: Grupo Guayacán Inc.

ICORPS facilitated the customer discovery giving the opportunity for InnovaCreate team to complete 212 interviews of potential customers, healthcare providers and family members impacted by heart recovery processes in Puerto Rico. This is a great experience exposing CRANEeH idea and InnovaCreate team to a scrutinized concept validation by a panel of experts of diverse business backgrounds. It helped improving CRANEeH value proposition and business model. InnovaCreate team demonstrated, after all these interviews, they really understood their customer needs, pains, and desires. As a result, InnovaCreate team pivoted CRANEeH concept from an integrated healthcare system for private physician office to a home-based cardiac rehabilitation technology service. ICORPS Puerto Rico kept InnovaCreate team moving forward transforming an idea into a solution.

The building blocks: CRANEeH development and contributions

Once the concept for CRANEeH was established, it was move to Guayacán SBIR track initiative. This is a mentoring and coaching program during the development of SBIR proposal. The selection of correct agency, scientific group, the proposal format, its review was essential stages looking to obtain an SBIR award. Guayacán SBIR track program is looking to increase the likelihood of success of SBIR process. InnovaCreate team successfully submitted a SBIR for review during 2019.

At the same time, InnovaCreate team was selected to participate in the Startup PR Pre-Acceleration Program Cohort II – a “3-month program aiming to help local innovators escalate and accelerate their business with a global perspective.” This program provided $15,000 in seed funding, resources, and coaching to develop CRANEeH.

During the Startup program, CRANEeH team under InnovaCreate sponsorship was developed a minimum viable product (MVP) to proof the concept. CRANEeH team reviewed their business model, developed procedures & design deliverable for FDA notification; and builded an alpha version for usability testing.

Just in during the 3-month period of Startup PR program, an MVP was built with Omron and Bodimetrics sensor integration, and core product concepts like marketing and branding were defined. These achievements were driven by diversity. InnovaCreate assigned and internal CRANEeH team. It was composed by Puerto Rico technical and business professionals. The combination of New Product Development Specialist, Engineers, Computer Engineering (software and app developer), Health specialist, Customer Service and Business Management subject matter expert have been a positive influence during CRANEeH development.

How our InnovaCreate team fits the idea into a problem solution?

We are rounded with amazing people with extraordinary competencies. The diverse perspective of team member helps us into the process of fitting a solution into a problem based on what the people needs, their pains and desires. The customer does not know what type of solution can help them. This is the purpose of InnovaCreate team. As solution needs to be created, developed and launched with a business model and implementation strategy feasible for the current economic stage.

After the customer validation, InnovaCreate team understood there was a challenge to manage and monitor the heart recovery or cardiac rehabilitation process of minority groups such as in Puerto Rico. The customer discovery reveals limited access to rehabilitation facilities, lack of motivation, high cost of treatment and healthy food, difficulties to change habits, and challenge to follow-up appointments with healthcare specialists because of the complexity of appointment scheduling, travel and costs.

Furthermore, the customers did not talk about what type of solution they are looking for. This is how an InnovaCreate team used their competencies to create and build a solution. They understood the customer, the market and come with a solution based on market tendencies and research in the healthcare field. InnovaCreate understood their customer and were looking to solve the challenge associated with managing heart health recovery after a heart attack or heart surgery event.

Understanding and identifying this problem presented a perfect fit and a great opportunity for CRANEeH application. CRANEeH puts the patient as a center of healthcare processes. CRANEeH walked through this recovery process by providing a personalized medical management system for more flexible and convenient heart recovery. CRANEeH technology give access for monitoring, trending evaluation and risk factor identification. CRANEeH team is intended to help the patient and healthcare provider in the heart recovery stage. Now CRANEeH is a startup in Puerto Rico transforming the healthcare service today.

CRANEeH during 2019

CRANEeH continue with their business transformation as a semifinalist and finalist of the EnterPrize 2019 Business Competition. sponsored by Grupo Guayacán.

EntrePRize 2019 has been great for CRANEeH development. Every coaching session is an important opportunity to receive feedback from a Board of Advisor. It has help to improve the strategic implementation plan of CRANEeH business. This competition has made InnovaCreate team get a deep understanding about CRANEeH finance, CRANEeH go to market strategy, their stakeholders, the business model, the revenue stream and their business channels. InnovaCreate team learned and applied those concepts for the evolution of CRANEeH business. The workshops, mentoring & coaching sessions, the exposure of potentials local and external investor, and the potential access to seed capital is making a difference in CRANEeH development and implementation initiatives during 2019.

It has been a great for the InnovaCreate team to be rounded with business of diverse sectors and prominent local and global entrepreneurs. Any of these finalists can win. InnovaCreate team just feel the EnterPRize Experience make all these businesses a winner by the essential tools provided during the program.

What the future looks like for CRANEeH and cardiovascular rehabilitation in Puerto Rico?

As you can see, InnovaCreate team is transforming the healthcare service with CRANEeH technology. It will give a better and more convenient healthcare access during the heart recovery stage. Our team have the beta version available. If you want to be the first to use or recommended to your beloved the CRANEeH technology just visit CRANEeH site and request a demo today.

This article was collaborated with Tania Rodríguez Hernández


InnovaCreate LLC is a design for excellence firm driving customers through the design, development, implementation and launch of new products and services. We provide a variety of services for innovation in the fields of engineering, compliance, research and development, and new product introduction.

Our passion is to lead innovation through creativity, collaboration, motivation, integrity, adaptability, optimism, respect and trust. Contact us today to learn more.


What do you think about the CRANEeH story? What do you think of new technologies being developed in Puerto Rico within Healthcare industry? Do you have any questions or comments? Make your comment now.

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