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Our celebration of being a woman and a girl in Science

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Today, I am celebrating three (3) generations of Women and Girls in Science.

First, my mom Sara. She is a chemist and have been always looking in the preservation and protection of the environment. I was exposed to her passion and facilitate my learning of how everything works with a biochemist explanation. I remember her commitment of making a difference in the environmental every day.

The first step in my STEM career was during her guidance in my middle school preparing the scientific fair project. She told me a story of how acid rain has being produced due air pollution. After her story, the question came. My mom and I were wondering how acid rain impact the forest of our neighborhood. Together, we identified a native tree of Puerto Rico for the evaluation. The intention was making the observations of the tree's leaves, trunk and soil to understand the impact of acid rain. We prepared the acid rain at home with cooking ingredients. It was an experiment of 30 days. As a teenager, I did not notice how my mom was cultivating the love in science with the intention of finding solutions.

It was amazing the way she helps me without forcing me for a STEM career. She just shows me how fun and easy science could be if we use it for life. I am thankful of her positive influence encouraging me to pursue a career in science and engineering.

Today, I earned a PhD in Chemical Engineering specialized in Biomedical Engineering. I am woman-owned business entrepreneur and a technical leader for transformation. I have the privilege of introducing new products, processes and systems in the early stage. As a woman leader in science, I get involved in STEM schools program exposing other girl to science, mathematics, and engineering. Together we are building the next generation of STEM woman human capital.

Furthermore, I would like to share how important is for me to spread the science passion and knowledge in my home with my daughter, Kamille. I just make my little girl Kamille play with science within her day to day life. As easy as talking about the way an ice cube melts, observing the forest, floating in the pool, seeing the sky, identifying the stars, rocking with bubbles, playing and learning with fun.

It was great seeing her growing just moving forward with her courses; and also searching for a career by her own. Once she mentioned engineering, it brings joy to my heart. She was not sure about how to select her engineering branch. I help her identifying a pre-college program for this purpose. Kamille was grateful to be part of CPET Program at University of Florida in Gainesville in the cohort of summer 2019. She experienced multiples emotions, making her questioning about her career selection. After the end of the program, she was very focus and confirmed her desire to purse a STEM career starting on August 2020. Today, I am very honored to celebrate the third woman generation of STEM career. I hope other moms can share their stories with me and spread the words to extend our celebration every day.

Best wishes to all girls and women pursing a STEM career. Best wishes for my daughter Kamille. Hoping you will enjoy your engineering to be journey.

To all my friends and family in STEM careers, my colleagues and sister moms, let us keep the momentum to sustain diversity in the workplace. With this diversity, we will continue driving innovation for a better well-being in our next future.

It is great to join my colleagues and future colleagues in the 2020 International Day of Women and Girls in Science celebration. Be the STEM Woman and Girl leader who make a difference today.

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