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5 Powerful ways to celebrate 2020 International Women's Day

The International Women's Day is giving you the opportunity to celebrate woman achievements in your family, your community and around the world. It was initiated with the focus point of getting better woman's rights.

Women want to be heard. Women want to vote. Women want to growth through education. Women want better job opportunities. Women want better health access. Women want to get visibility of their social, scientific, economic and political contributions everyday.

After decades, women have seen changes and progress in some areas as for example: their ability to vote, their educational opportunities, and some career pathways. The journey just started. Efforts continue to be made toward the reduction of bias between men and women closing gender inequality in corporations, economic and political systems.

Here are 5 powerful ways to celebrate International Women's Day by taking action for equality.

1. Increase Visibility of Woman Contribution.

Identify the contribution of a woman leader in your home, workplace, community, country and globally. Let her know with a compliment, by a letter, or social media network comment. Share your thoughts with colleagues, influencers and power stakeholders.

2. Empower and Sponsor Woman Leadership

Select a woman with proven competencies and nominate her for a leadership role this year in your community, workplace, government, and/or corporate system. Additionally, look for a young woman to coach/mentor her through a leadership pathway. Expose her to leadership assignments building her competencies for success.

3. Be Supportive during the day-to-day

Help a woman family member, friend or workplace colleagues during her day-to-day activities allowing her being exposed and validated within a leadership role.

4. Promote diversity within workplace

Build multidisciplinary team with equivalent representation of woman and men facilitating diversity and inclusion. Establish metrics to guide you and target an increment of woman participation in non-typical roles within your organization.

5. Be inclusive and part of the conversation

Participate in social circles to reduce power gaps in education, health, political and economical structures. Build the critical thinking of gender equality by promoting conversations everyday with your family, your coworkers, your staff and community leaders.

Just establish your goal for 2020 International Women's Day celebration and make a difference during the rest of the year.

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